The Optimistic Outlook

359,000+ open cybersecurity jobs: How to build a workforce

October 18, 2021

Like manufacturing, covered in recent episodes, the U.S. cybersecurity industry has a massive workforce shortage. The workforce needs to grow 40% just to meet the current need nationwide. In this episode, Barbara is joined by a cybersecurity leader with a vision for how to leverage diversity, equity and inclusion as a solution: Joanna Burkey, CISO, HP. You’ll learn why cybersecurity opportunities are growing and about in-demand skillsets 


Show notes 

Joanna’s op-ed “Cybersecurity jobs are booming. Where’s the talent?”: 

Siemens USA Head of Cybersecurity op-ed “Leveraging Cybersecurity to Increase Diversity, Equity and Inclusion”: 

Report on DEI in Cybersecurity: 

“Team of Teams” book: